The Desert Region of the Ferrari Club of America is comprised of Phoenix Arizona FCA and Las Vegas Nevada FCA.
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Southwest Region ChumpCar
Endurance Road Racing

ChumpCar World Series stages over 40 races per year for $500 race cars. This is endurance road racing on the best road courses in North America. This series is for gear-heads and racing enthusiasts who love driving fast in wheel-to-wheel competition that runs anywhere from 12 hours to over 24 hours!

Itís for grassroots race teams and novice drivers alike driving very safe budget-oriented race cars. ChumpCar makes serious racing fun and cheap. Innovation wins races, and personality gets you noticed. For a look at the action, see our race photos.

Contact one of our ChumpCar Teams listed here in the southwest to see if they might need another driver. If you know how to turn a wrench, you can make a contribution. Even if you don't, you can rent your gear, fly in and join the action.

If you have 4 drivers or more, you can even rent your own ChumpCar from one of our Race Teams. There is no limit to how many drivers can race your car. Nothing could be more fun! Nowhere else will you get so much racing for so little money. If you like it, consider building your own ChumpCar!

These are the South West ChumpCar races for 2012:

June 16
 "CPFDCR (ChumpCar's Pre-Father's Day Celebration Race)"

August 18-19
 "The Sunset-to-Sunrise Desert Dysfunction"

November 3-4
 "The L.A. Freeway Dash for the Cash"

See the full ChumpCar Events Calendar for many more races

See the Regional ChumpCar Check List to prepare for your next race

Live Race Results Review from Buttonwillow

"I downloaded an iphone app called Race Monitor for $5. Tracks that use a transponder can elect to broadcast the results over this app so the field can watch live results. It was fun to see lap times and positions all day for $5, should work at other places too. Had good reviews, worked well."

- Cort Smith          
Top Gun Down Under Racing          

Get race results at for ranks and times

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