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ChumpCar Checklist

A checklist to make sure you don't forget to bring anything to your next race:

Print out this cool itemized Checklist to prepare for your next race.

Check off every item on the list to leave home without forgetting anything!

First Time Drivers

ChumpCar offers a great opportunity for first time ever novice drivers. Please be sure to read the ChumpCar set of Complete Rules if this is your first race, or if you haven't read them recently because they are constantly being updated. There are many other suppliers, but these vendors have special deals for Chumpsters:

Race Car Builders

If you are building a race car for the first time, you will need to know where to get all of these racing items. There are many other suppliers. We link to one type and one good source for each item that offer good deals to Chumpsters:

The roll cage will be your biggest challenge. You can simply have someone else build one for you, or you can do it yourself. If you have someone else build it for you, have them read the Complete Rules, and also read the rest of this page:

The roll cage diagram in the rules shows the absolute minimum that is required. The more pipes you add, the better. Please also remember that the fewer bends in a roll cage, the better. Do not bend pipe just for aesthetic reasons to more closely match the inside contours of your car or just to make it look better. Upright pipe in particular should be straight pipe whenever possible. (For example: The diagram of the roll cage in the rules would be even safer if the vertical pipe in the front was perfectly straight except for the two 90 degree bends in the two corners. It would be "U" shaped and simply go straight up from the floor, or go up from the floor at an angle. To make an existing roll cage that looks like the one in the diagram safer, two more straight pipes could be installed from the footwell or elsewhere on the floor pan to the top of the bar.) The two support pipes in the back should attach to the car at suspension mounts or stress points wherever you can find them. If the best stress points are very far back in the car, a second set of support pipes should be installed in the back at a less radical angle with each set going to different stress points.

First you need to buy a mandrel tube bender and all the proper size dies. See how mandrel bending is different from the other three types of pipe bending... Then you will need a quality welder and:
  • Seamless DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) mild steel tubing
  • Grade 8 hardware (available only at specialty hardware stores)
Please note that a third door bar that runs along the floor pan is now required for most cars, and recommended for all cars. Note also that you will use heavier DOM tubing if your race weight is over 2500 pounds. Although not required, it might be a good idea to follow this SCCA rule if you ever intend to enter your car in other types of sanctioned races: "An inspection hole at least 3/16 inch diameter shall be drilled in a non-critical area of all tubes with a specified size to facilitate verification of wall thickness."

Make sure you read all of the Complete Rules very carefully. If you show up at a race with a car that doesn't pass inspection and can't get it fixed by the time the green flag drops, you may miss the race. We want you to be very safe!

No waivers or “repair by next event” allowances will be granted on any roll cage issue. So make sure your roll cage is 100% perfect before your next race. If you have any questions at all about your roll cage or any other issue, please contact:

Dave Marden
Dave Marden
National Technical Director
Western Region Tech Chief
503.360.4467 Mobile
ChumpCar World Series

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